Your Support is Important!

Missionary activity of the Missionary Fraternity of Mary is the reason for their existence and justifies their presence within the Church throughout the world.  The Missionary Fraternity of Mary was founded as a missionary society to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to both those who have never heard the news and to those who have heard the good news but are currently not being served and nurtured.  The Fraternity, headquartered in Guatemala, continues its mission of serving over 750,000 Catholics in 11 countries.

Your donation to the Missionary Fraternity of Mary goes directly to:

  • Continuing education for mission priests

  • Permanent formation training and study at Pontifical Universities in Rome

  • Transportation expenses for FMM priests to travel to and from foreign missions

  • Retirement planning/housing for ill and elderly priests

  • Infrastructure repairs at the seminary campus in Guatemala

  • Provide competitive wages for the lay teachers of the major seminary

  • Increasing cost of room and board for the seminarians

  • Purchase of books for seminary libraries

  • Supporting missions in poor areas

  • Maintain/replacement of vehicles for use at seminary

  • Provide endowment fund to offset increased cost due to growth and inflation 

To help secure the future of the Fraternity, please send a check or money order to:

Missionary Fraternity of Mary, Ltd.

124 E. Freistadt Road, P.O. Box 94

Thiensville, WI 53092

Missionary Fraternity of Mary, Ltd., is a 501(c)(3) religious, nonprofit corporation.  All donations go to benefit the Missionary Fraternity of Mary.